Our goal is to remove the workload of the entire daily routine from the shoulders of owners and managers of the companies. We provide a wide range of services in the field of customer service. And that is precisely why we are trusted to ensure the best customer relationship.




In Ukraine, our company provides outsourcing services for customers who are based in the United States

Hot Line

Our experts help with answers to customer questions by phone, chat, E-mail and other channels. Often, these are used as part of promotions and special offers. The service is also available if a short-term campaign is launched in any company with a large response from potential customers, and there is no enough time and resources to train their staff. Our specialists help with effective and timely launch of the campaign or advertisement.

Front - office

The remote assistance service helps the manager or company to ensure the customer requests are resolved perfectly and timely. The range of responsibilities is wide. The service is very popular among clinics and private practitioners, because it optimizes the workloads of workers or assistants.

Account suppor and bookkeeping

Remotely, our employees enter data for customers’ systems according to the norms and standards of input quality. We provide data entry for external companies while saving specialist resources. Also, there are specially trained specialists working with accountings in the United States.

IT SUPPOR - 1st line

First line of support. Who can expertly determine the reason for the request, help with small inquiries or transfer the request to qualified specialists of the company? We can arrange Customer support for IT companies 24/7.


Cold calls? Creating a warm customer list out of cold leads is extremely popular on our list. We can organize both robotic calls and calls with the help of our company's employees.


This area helps organize regular calls to clients to remind them about important events, confirm already scheduled meetings or update customer's data.


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We value and love our external clients, but even more we value the internal relationships in our team. Each employee is the very drop that forms the sea. The value of everyone in our team is indescribable.



Telovox is actively seeking personnel for various international projects. Even if you have not found a vacancy that interests you, write to us. We will consider your resume and can offer the opportunity to be part of our wonderful team.